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JIC Company Video Joulé Industrial Contractors - Introduction
For more than 45 years, Joulé Industrial Contractors has built upon its culture of success through strong leadership and a highly skilled workforce to become the partner of choice for mission-critical, large-scale projects. Meet the team dedicated to your success!
video Inside JIC's Success - Brief Overview  
Jack Wellman on JIC Jack Wellman, President & COO of Joulé Inc. talks about JIC's history
JIChas earned a reputation for excellence by meeting challenges, leading with innovation and anticipating and exceeding the needs of customers nationally. Learn more by viewing our video of Jack Wellman discussing the history and future of JIC.
Jack Wellman on JIC Joulé Industrial Contractors - Services & Industries
JIC has the capability to support a broad range of industries. From the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry, stringent cleanliness requirements in food and beverages, to the demanding nature of heavy industries – JIC has the knowledge and expertise to meet your industry-specific needs.
Jack Wellman on JIC Joulé Industrial Contractors - Safety First
Our safety philosophy is that all accidents are preventable - by identifying and eliminating the incidents that cause them. The JIC safety team, including its director of 28 years, safety coordinator, and dedicated safety manager, made significant reductions in both accident frequency and workers compensation losses year over year.
Joulé Industrial Contractors - Fabrication Projects  

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