Through more than 45 years of experience, Joulé Industrial Contractors has developed the capability to support a broad range of industries. From the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry, stringent cleanliness requirements in food and beverages, to the demanding nature of heavy industries – JIC has the knowledge and expertise to meet your industry-specific needs. 

Our clients want their projects done right - on time, on budget and safely. Our meticulous project management and team of highly skilled craftsmen, supervisors and managers are dedicated to meeting challenges with effective solutions. While we are experienced in serving the diverse needs of evolving industries, all of our clients want value, maximum efficiency and minimum material handling and down time. Whether it's a cost-effective solution that must be executed to industry specifications or a maintenance program - we deliver.
Alternative and Renewable Energy
Joulé Industrial Contractors' vertical integration provides everything from shop fabricated stainless steel and carbon steel pipe spools to field installation capabilities for ethanol, bio-fuel, bio-diesel and other renewable and alternative energy projects. Projects include solar, geothermal, wind and hydropower technologies. Fabrications can be shipped throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. From global power generation to alternative and renewable energy, JIC is a trusted and experienced partner helping companies power the future.
Cement and Asphalt

 JIC is paving the way in the cement and asphalt industries. The cement industry provides the building blocks for the nation's construction industry. Few projects are completed without utilizing cement somewhere in the design and JIC has extensive experience working with equipment specific to the cement and asphalt industry. Common services within this industry include installing new equipment, repairing broken equipment and retrofitting.
Food and Beverage

As the world's population and developing economies grow, so does demand for food and beverages – driving advances in food and beverage technology. From installing up-to-date industrial food equipment to providing materials, JIC offers a deep understanding of enhanced plant productivity, updated technology and increased government regulations. JIC utilizes a sanitary welding process and operates within GMP (General Manufacturing Procedure) and industry standards. JIC is leading the way to a new standard within the food and beverage industrial process and development.
As the pace of economic and industrial growth picks up, and demand increases for oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery companies are under mounting pressure to deliver. Meanwhile - safety, regulatory, and environmental concerns are prompting new ways of thinking and operating at every stage of production.
JIC addresses these challenges with a wide range of services specifically designed to meet oil and gas industry needs. Handling pumps, valves, mixers, strainers, chemical injection packages, pipe closures and filtration equipment - JIC is a trusted partner for these complex and demanding projects.

Working with Fortune 50 pharmaceutical firms, Joulé understands the demanding landscape of pharmaceutical industry projects. We know that quality is of paramount importance and that maintaining a sanitary workspace is imperative. From the planning process to employee pre-screening, safety training to execution and quality control, JIC delivers the level of excellence you require.
Power Plant

Joulé Industrial Contractors is sparking the power plant industry with ingenuity, efficiency, and technology advancement. JIC helps companies meet new challenges and opportunities by offering a wide range of quality solutions. From traditional energy including coal, oil, natural gas and fire to alternative energy, JIC understands the demanding safety procedures and is experienced in providing employees with thorough safety programs. JIC is a trusted and experienced partner that is helping companies power the future.
Pulp and Paper

As the pulp and paper industry undergoes significant change and transformation, JIC understands that now, more than ever, companies want to prolong the life of equipment, implement processes to reduce downtime, improve up time and increase productivity. We're the partner of choice for these initiatives due to our deep understanding of the process involved and our commitment to excellence and efficiency.
Steel Mill

JIC understands that quality and durability is crucial in preventing equipment breakdown. JIC is a partner you can depend on to be competitive without cutting corners. Highly-skilled craftsmen are trained, certified and have experience in casting and melting shops, rolling mills, electric arc furnaces, annealing furnaces, recoilers and other steel mill equipment. JIC has the latest specialty welding and fabrication equipment necessary to efficiently and safely serve the steel mill industry.

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